If you feel you have the knowledge and commitment to own a horse or pony we provide an flexible livery service to suit your needs.

Working Livery - Reduced cost livery where we appreciate the opportunity to use your horse for no more than 8 hours a week for riding school activities. You still retain priority of use for Shows etc. with approproate notice.

D.I.Y Livery - "Do It Yourself" livery where we provide the stable, facilities and pastures for your horse/pony.

The horse owner is responsible for daily care and providing feed, bedding and water but in order to establish a routine, we will feed hang up haynets and check water in the mornings.
Other services such as turnout are provided for a small charge.
Livery clients are subject to a written contract approved by the British Horse Society which clearly sets out the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Full Livery- A personally designed package to provide for all of your horse's needs and thereby allowing you more time to ride. There is a choice of hay, haylage and type of bedding.

Working Livery (Per Week) £25 £45
D.I.Y Livery (Per Month) £100 £120
Full Livery (Per Week) £40 £85

Full livery prices are averages, they may vary with time of year or individual requirements.
Please call to discuss.